Change Slows Time

3989015758_1f29ee2b0c_zReading Farsighted by Steven Johnson. He is one of my favorite nonfiction authors.

He quotes a friend: “Change like this slows time.” Then goes on to talk about how inside a routine, time moves fast. Stress focuses our brain including how much time we still have.

It got me wondering if the cliche about kids growing up so fast is related? When Fleur was born, being a new parent was very stressful. Time was definitely dilated to me, but now that we have achieved a routine groove, it seems to move too fast.

I imagine there will be times the stress hits again. Buying the house a few years ago caused similar dilation. So, I could see a major illness, a death in the family, planning a first birthday party, etc.

Also, I need to muse on whether either slow or fast is better. Right now, I feel like they are both neutral with pros and cons that negate.