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Read Multitasking is making parents lose it with their kids. Here’s how to break the cycle. and empathize. In a nutshell, trying to multitask household work, work work, and helping with the children’s homework increases stress which the author takes out on her kids.

There is a blog post that made me fall in love with the writing of Michael Lopp. Incrementalists & Completionists discusses how these two philosophies battle in software development. It frames my discussions with coworkers about system architecture. I very much am happy with getting something that works out the door to the client and circling back later to improve it.

So, my approach to household tasks has become far more incremementalist than I tended to do as a bachelor. Pretty much because I never really expect to have more than 5 minutes to do something except when the kiddo is asleep. The real challenge for us is Fleur wanting the security of Mama while cooking. I’d hoped this article would help, but it only really says to singletask without concrete advice on doing so other than recognize multitasking is bad and try not to do it when you can.

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