2142254192_918aaba0da_mI’ve been posting about studies but increasingly becoming uncomfortable about how I went about it. See, in calling this blog Polymath Parent, I am signalling my appreciation for science. And, while I am posting about scientific ideas around neuroscience and child development, I am often pulling from popular science sources that are not particularly rigorous or nuanced.

I did that with Defiance of parental authority leads to success? but not with The parenting happiness gap.

My intention is to do more looking at the actual studies and posting on what I read in them which is more nuanced than what other blogs are posting. I will post this as “Study Saturday” posts. Look for the first this weekend.

Also, to make it clearer which are my just posting about a blog/news post vs the actual study, the title will be pre-pended with “Study:” and end with the citation to the study I read. Book reviews will be pre-pended with “Book:”. And they will go in a Reviews category.

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