Nail Trimming

Reading this reminded me of the trials trimming Fleur’s nails.

You can learn a lot about someone’s parenting style by how they trim their baby’s nails. There are the crunchy moms who suggest chewing them off, saying the nails are usually soft and flexible and the baby won’t care. There are the got-it-all-together moms who somehow knew to buy baby emery boards to gently file the nails down. There are the smug moms of easy babies who trim their nails while their infants sleep, undoubtedly through the night. And then there are the idiot moms like me, who actually think using nail clippers on a newborn will result in anything other than a bloodbath.

613knpqghzl._sx522_It really only took one session of fifteen minute bleeding amd my wife crying on shoulder over injuring Fleur for me to go find an electronic nail file like this. Both have been happy with the result. No bleeding for Fleur. No causing an injury for my wife. No having to console both for me.

Personally, I feel like I have Parkinson’s at times. Indeed I make myself nervous clipping my own nails and bleed often enough. Best not to inflict that on the kid too.

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